Tuesday, April 15, 2014

*I Wish I Had Written That*

One of the books I am reading for one of my graduate school classes mentioned how important it is for readers and writers to pay close attention to what other good writers do.  

It asked us to think carefully about the words we read. 

Then we were asked to notice a line in a book we wish we had written. 

One of my favorite books is called Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey. There are several lines as well as whole passages in that book I wish I had written. Here is an example:

"At last the sun touched the skyline, merged with it for a moment in a final explosive blaze of light and heat and sank out of sight. The shadow of the canyon wall advanced across the canyon floor, included the horse, touched the rocks and brush on the far side. A wave of cooling relief like a breeze, like an actual movement of air, washed through the canyon..." 

Edward Abbey paints such a vibrant, clear picture of this sunset with his words. It was like I was sitting there watching it happen and could feel the transition from hot to cold as the last light of the sun disappeared. 

What about you? Will you pay close attention to what you read this week (and beyond)? Will you share a line or a brief passage you wish you had written? 

Thank you.
Mr. Pahl

What Did You Do Over Spring Break?

Several students have been asking about a post where they could discuss what they did over Spring Break. Well, here it is!

Do you know what I did?

I got my garden ready for this year! I moved A LOT of dirt and wood chips. Oh what fun!

Well, what did YOU do?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunnyland Book Trailer Festival

Last night, several families and students came to Sunnyland to celebrate and watch book trailers they created! To learn more about the Sunnyland Book Trailer Project, check out http://sunnylandbooktrailers.wordpress.com/.

This is Mattias' book trailer for My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

This is Annabella's book trailer for The Storybook of Legends: Ever After High

Miranda' book trailer for Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Liam made a book trailer, too! I am having trouble rendering it from PowerPoint, but I will get it on the blog as soon as it's ready. If anyone else makes a book trailer and wants it added to the blog or our Book Trailer Vimeo Channel, let me know. 

Emily and Tiffany, two WWU student teachers who helped make this event happen. Thanks so much for all your help! 

To watch all the book trailers created for the festival, go to the Sunnyland Book Trailer Festival channel on Vimeo. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Room 12 Featured on Whatcom Talk!

Whatcom Talk is a local news and events website. 

WhatcomTalk.com provides an informed voice to the Whatcom County community. While readers get their state, national and world news elsewhere, we provide a destination site for all things local.

Stacee Sledge, a reporter from the site, came to room 12 to check out ways we use technology. Here are some of the photos she took during her visit.

Here is the link to the article she wrote. 

Thank you, Stacee and Whatcom Talk!

Bellingham High School Show Stoppers!

Sunnyland was very lucky today to have the Bellingham High School Showstoppers visit and perform for about 30 minutes. Showstoppers is an advanced choral group at BHS made of mostly (very talented) Juniors and Seniors, but some highly talented Sophomores and Freshmen are part of the group, too.

Students in fourth grade described the group as "amazing, outstanding, awesome, and talented!" 

Some of the songs they performed were: 
Don't You Worry Child, I am Not Yours, I Can Tell The World, and they closed with a fabulous song and dance of Michael Jackson's Thriller! 

This is one of the pieces they performed for us. At the State Competition, they received a PERFECT SCORE from the judges for this performance. Bravo! 

Showstoppers performed several songs a cappella. They were so together! One student said, "They were almost as good as Katy Perry!" Another said, "They were like one of those groups from the movie Pitch Perfect."

Some of the boys in the group formed a smaller group called Chief of Staff.   They sang a song called Brave.

picture from http://www.zvents.com/performers/show/29165116-chief-of-staff
The finale: Thriller!

Some questions we have for the Showstoppers are:
  • How long has Dorothy been a Showstopper?
  • How long does it take to get that good? What do you have to do? 
  • Aidan, how do you beat box so well? 
  • What is Chief of Staff's new CD called? When is it available? 
  • Have any of you performed with BAAY? If yes, what shows have you been in? 
  • Have any of you heard of or are fans of the a cappella group PTX?
  • If you had to describe your group with one word, what would it be?
  • Have all of you been singers since you were little?
Thank you for coming to Sunnyland!